Jozef Majera

Inžinier pre R&D centrum

*typ*: à plein temps (CDI)

  • am looking for experienced engineers with background in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, electronics engineering for world-class automotive R&D center. Are you interested? 

  • All positions are for R&D center for e-mobility To make long story short, our customer is looking for: 1. well-skilled IT persons 2. persons interested in automotive and technologies in general e.g. electronics, electro-mechanic, physics etc. (seems to me here is fit too) 3. persons who are eager to learn new things (there are not many people with the expertise our customer needs, so he is ready to teach new coworkers) 4. Our experience: if there is good candidate (good mixture of points above) they are ready to "create" a position for him, just to expand the business and individual opportunities within the new team. 5. Relocation is a must (there might be a significant portion of home office, however R&D could not be done remotely, not yet) If you consider the description above interesting for your future career, share your CV & we can find a spot in calendars to meet and talk about your expertise, future plans and I can answer your questions. I am looking for a German company R&D center in Slovakia (the second most innovative company in Germany). An opportunity for someone who wants to improve in working with modern technologies, in an environment with more than 200 engineers. Send me please your CV at After I´l you propose the meeting via Google meet.

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