Jozef Majera

Plant manager, nástup 1.1.2022

*typ*: full-time

Plant Manager

The Plant Manager is responsible for all activities of the Plant, in accordance with Group governance, policies, procedures and KPI’s. The Plant Manager is responsible to manage the Plant activities as the leader of the Management Team, therefore it is strongly required to have a deep and proven vocation to team working.
Full accountability for ensuring safety, customer quality, cost, and delivery requirements.
It is strongly required that the Plant Manager has automotive approach to promote and manage continuous improvement and modern principles by training, working practices and process.   
Hierarchical report to Administrator and Functional report to Group General Manager.
To supervise and manage: Management Team (Administration, HR, Production, Maintenance, Logistics and Warehousing, Quality) 

Manage Plant activities and deliver results in accordance with customer requirements and the Group governance and budget. 
Be accountable for operational process and procedures which ensure worker safety, in compliance with Group governance and local regulations. 
Be accountable for the fulfilling of the continuous improvement of Plant organization and results, through the implementation of process improvements and employee development. 
Guide the improvement of manufacturing and maintenance governance and results (practices, procedures, metrics, etc.). 
Constantly focus on manufacturing and maintenance productivity and cost reduction.
Participate in customer visits, audits, and similar activities to guarantee positive results, to retain customer relationships and to ensure Plant reliability.
Prepare periodical Activity Reports to be addressed to Group General Manager, to guarantee strong and completely transparent communication about Plant governance (goals, results, continuous improvement, criticalities, etc.).
Responsible for achieving budget goals, managing Plant cost structure, including direct and indirect labor.
Responsible for developing a strong and highly committed Team within the Plant (Management Team, but also intermediate and operating teams), by keeping and developing a positive culture.
Guide Management Team in budgeting phase, in KPI analysis and reaction plans, in continuous improvement.
Responsible to implement regulatory constraints, both on local application (Slovakian Law) and Group Qualifications (IATF, etc.).
Technical requirements
Proven work experience as a plant manager
Proven managerial experience and technical understanding 
Proven knowledge of business and management principles (budgeting, planning, resource allocation and human resources)
Proven experience in successful application of automotive industry standards and expertise (APQP, Kaizen) 

Skills – Ability 
Excellent leadership skills 
Proven ability to manage cross-functional team members 
Proven ability to develop Management Team accountability and to lead by example
Strong team building, decision-making and people management skills
Commercial and financial acumen 
Proven ability to effectively manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment
Proven experience in meeting deadlines and achieve results.

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